The project includes the development of the following activities:

Workpackage 1: Management

The objective of this workpackage is to coordinate and monitor the project from the point of view scientific, administrative, financial and legal issues to ensure the proper development of activities on time, budget and according to the project objectives.

Workpackage 2: Quality and Evaluation

The objective of workpackage 2 is to manage the project quality, setting the minimum quality requirements to successfully carry out the project. In order to enhance the project satisfactory standards of quality, evaluation activities are also assured. 

Workpackage 3: Training Needs Analysis 

The aim is to obtain information from both consumers and also Regulatory PDO Boards in order to analyze the current situation about PDO products, on the one hand, related with the consumers’ knowledge and perceptions about PDO products and on the other hand, the knowledge and experience of the Regulatory PDO Boards. The information obtained will be evaluated in order to define critical indicators for evaluation purposes.

Workpackage 4: Development of training program and materials

In this workpackage contents of the training program and the creation of the e-learning interactive platform, are foreseen. Also is foreseen the development of the final questionnaire for validation purposes. Each country focuses on one type of PDO product.

Workpackage 5: Training program testing and impact analysis
The aims of this WP is to pilot the course with a selected sample of trainees in each country, to evaluate the training and to propose improvements for further dissemination.

Workpackage 6: Dissemination
This workpackage addresses with the creation of the Project website for communication and dissemination purposes and also different dissemination activities focused to different targets: companies, consumers, PDO Regulatory Bodies, politicians, etc. in Europe.

Workpackage7: Exploitation of results
This workpackage addresses with describing exploitation possibilities and recommendations for the project results and products. The internationalization of the results is also foreseen.


GILEARN PROJECT - Consumer Learning to Enhance the Knowledge of Products with Geographical Indications
Lifelong learning programme